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The Medical Center and TJ Samson Community Hospital joined together to bring technologically advanced cancer treatment to the Glasgow/Barren County area. Dr. Craig Tyree leads a team of specialists in delivering this care. Patients are cared for in a comfortable and compassionate environment close to home.

We offer:

  • A full time board certified radiation oncologist
  • CT Simulator
  • Trilogy Linear Accelerator
  • Four radiation therapists
  • One full time dosimetrist
  • Two registered nurses
  • Certified medical physicist

In this video, Dr. Craig Tyree talks about the benefits of Barren River Regional Cancer Center.


Barren River Regional Cancer Center
103 Trista Lane       Glasgow, KY 42141
1-877-573-0050      wctyree@chc.net
The Medical Center     TJ Samson Community Hospital